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02.12.2023 Bonn Namenlos null - nullACTIVE

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Heads up everyone... tomorrow we will be at Wild Rover Aachen together with the great Death By Horse formatting the stage!!! #nerdboys #nerdgirls Moonstruck Promotions

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15th May 2023

Release Version: 2.1.003

May the force be with you young padawans.#starwars #maythe4th

4th May 2023

Release Version: 2.1.002

Just woke up. That was a lot of fun on friday. Thanks Jam Club Koblenz, Thanks FÄTZich KOnzertgruppe for the heartwarming welcome, great care and fantastic food. Thanks Argies and bloody noise for a fantastic night. Thanks to everyone who showed up and we had fun with!!! Let's repeat that and discuss some more binary counting with hands. We had a great night. See ya all soon.

23rd April 2023

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