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Upcoming Meetups:

Date City Venue Tickets Info More Info Status
29.03.2023 Essen Don't Panic null - DetailsACTIVE
28.01.2023 Wetzlar Irish Inn null - DetailsACTIVE
25.05.2022 Düsseldorf Pitcher null - DetailsFAILED
29.12.2021 Online R3C Chaos Remote Experience 2021 NOWHERE null 8pm CET - DetailsPASSED
27.11.2021 Wesel Barfly null mit Hell O Pussy - more info coming soon - DetailsFAILED

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6th January 2023

DYI production is in progress. Get one of the new "1 Bit away from Hell" HDs on the next shows.

if (yourPosition != showPosition) {

if you want to see us near you, connect us to your favorite venues!!!

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6th January 2023

Release Version: 2.1.000

31st December 2022

Beware of Explosions (and Racists)!
"The Vice President Action Hunters (From Outta Space)" are here and ready to save the world from evil!
Check out our latest Live-Action-Video on Youtube and our latest EP "1 Bit Away From Hell" on Spotify or any other platform

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31st December 2022

Release Version: 2.0.001

17th December 2022

No idea yet what Santa should bring this year? How about the "1 Bit away from Hell" Deluxe Pack including a USB Drive for your 3.5" HDs, 5 HDs containing one song each and the epic Picture HD. This is magic... #1BitAwayFromChristmas #nerds #theinformatics #MerryChristmas #enjoycookies #cookiesallaround

17th December 2022

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