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Release Version: 2.1.015

Friday was a blast! Thanks to Blume for the sound, to Andreas Kalus and the Pitcher - Rock'n'Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf Crew for the wonderful hosting and Psychopunch for the great company and filling up the room with you awesome people. We will go into summer break and planning the next half of the year. #theinformatics #nerdboys #nerdgirls #nerdlife 🤓

3rd June 2024

Release Version: 2.1.014

May the 4th be with you 🖖 #StarWarsDay #theinformatics #nerdpunknroll

4th May 2024

Release Version: 2.1.013

We see with great pleasure that a lot of people are out of their homeoffices and on the streets to stand up against fascist and right wing streams in this country. Why? Because the #fuckafd has caused http response code: 420 - "Policy not fulfilled". Required policies are "democracy, humanism and education." Sadly we cannot be with you on the streets in Düsseldorf this Saturday as we play one of our rare shows in this year at Irish Inn Wetzlar @irishinnwz. But we did not want to miss showing that we support to soon get an http response code 404 - "Partei not found" when searching for these f***ers. Stay open minded! #nerdsagainstracism

23rd January 2024

Release Version: 2.1.012

The band reunion after the Christmas feast. Looking forward for a good year 11111101000 and more than 3 live shows 😉. #nerdlife #nerdstuff #theinformatics #nerdpunknroll

14th January 2024

Release Version: 2.1.011

Merry Christmas everyone! May the force be with you!!! 🖖 See you at the upcoming live shows next year.

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24th December 2023

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