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Release Version: 2.1.005

Summerbreak is over. Finally returning into the nerdcave today. Working on new Shows, Songs an more. Only the good stuff. Stay tuned nerdgirls and nerdboys!!

23rd August 2023

Release Version: 2.1.004

Heads up everyone... tomorrow we will be at Wild Rover Aachen together with the great Death By Horse formatting the stage!!! #nerdboys #nerdgirls Moonstruck Promotions

More Information:

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15th May 2023

Release Version: 2.1.003

May the force be with you young padawans.#starwars #maythe4th

4th May 2023

Release Version: 2.1.002

Just woke up. That was a lot of fun on friday. Thanks Jam Club Koblenz, Thanks FÄTZich KOnzertgruppe for the heartwarming welcome, great care and fantastic food. Thanks Argies and bloody noise for a fantastic night. Thanks to everyone who showed up and we had fun with!!! Let's repeat that and discuss some more binary counting with hands. We had a great night. See ya all soon.

23rd April 2023

Release Version: 2.1.001

DIY production is in progress. Get one of the new "1 Bit away from Hell" HDs on the next shows.

if (yourPosition != showPosition) {

if you want to see us near you, connect us to your favorite venues!!!

#theinformatics #1BitAwayFromHell #diskette #HD #nerdlife #nerdstuff #nerdalert

6th January 2023

Release Version: 2.1.000

Beware of Explosions (and Racists)!
"The Vice President Action Hunters (From Outta Space)" are here and ready to save the world from evil!
Check out our latest Live-Action-Video on Youtube and our latest EP "1 Bit Away From Hell" on Spotify or any other platform

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31st December 2022

Release Version: 2.0.001

No idea yet what Santa should bring this year? How about the "1 Bit away from Hell" Deluxe Pack including a USB Drive for your 3.5" HDs, 5 HDs containing one song each and the epic Picture HD. This is magic... #1BitAwayFromChristmas #nerds #theinformatics #MerryChristmas #enjoycookies #cookiesallaround

17th December 2022

Release Version: 2.0.000

Happy release day to us! Today our 2nd EP "1 bit away from hell" has been published to spotify and probably some other streaming servers. So check it out and let us know your feedback.

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1st December 2022

Release Version: 1.1.000

Happy first Advent you #nerds! Christmas will be preponed this year as we will finally release Version 2 of the The Informatics on December 1st. So watch out and stay tuned. And don't forget accept all cookies during this most wonderfull time of the year! #cookies #consent #Christmas #christmastime #onelove

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28th November 2022

Release Version: 1.0.017

#nerdboys, #nerdgirls tonight is our night. The one time of the year we leave our #nerdcaves and #homeoffices to reconfigure Pitcher - Rock'n'Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf together with the almighty Ruhrcoast Punks of Alvarez. Don't be late 🤓

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7th November 2022

Release Version: 1.0.016

It's only a little bit more than 2 weeks to release the next The Informatics show at Heimatzoo Festival 2022. We are very excited and hope that this time we all make it to Grindau, capitol of fun! -Find out who hides behind the rainbow and join us. Get your tickets here: #heimatzoo2022 #nerds #nerdstuff

28th July 2022

Release Version: 1.0.015

Fucked, double Fucked, no Action.... sadly we discovered a covid case in the band and need to unpack our bus and cancel the show tonight at Pitcher - Rock'n'Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf. We've been very excited about todays concert. But that's how it is. We are looking forward to party hard with you at another date. stay tuned. 😷 #sadnerds

25th May 2022

Release Version: 1.0.014

May the 4th be with you! More images in our repos section!

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4th May 2022

Release Version: 1.0.013

We are in the lab to record cool new stuff. Stay tuned. #theinformatics

24th April 2022

Release Version: 1.0.012

We did our first nerd show yesterday in real life. Thanks to Wasted Luck for the invite and thanks to this great community in Gelsenkirchen. We enjoyed Bratwurst and Beer. See on the next meeting 🙂

18th April 2022

Release Version: 1.0.007

Er hat damals noch Lochkarten gestanzt... Happy Birthday C#

27th February 2022

Release Version: 1.0.006


25th February 2022

Release Version: 1.1.005

Did you miss the #rc3 CCC-Sessions or want to rewatch it? Modern tech makes it possible. Watch it here:

19th January 2022

Release Version: 1.1.004

Switch on your CRT Monitors today at 8pm CET to see the great show of the informatics at rc3 event.

You don't need a ticket!

More info and timetable here:

#TheInformatics #cccSessions #CCC #rc3

29th December 2021

Release Version: 1.1.003

rc3 has started! Join us wednesday 8pm CET #primetime.

The stream is shown here for free:
You don't need a ticket!

More info and timetable here:

#TheInformatics #cccSessions #CCC #rc3

27th December 2021

Release Version: 1.1.002

We have a little christmas present for you (and ourselves).

We do a presentation about various IT topics and best practices on our only and exclusively recorded show 2021 at the Chaos Remote Experience rc3 2021 NOWHERE somewhen between 27th and 30th December. The r3c is the largest community meeting of hackers, makers, activists, creatures and other life forms organized by Chaos Computer Club.

More info and free tickets:

The Nerds
#TheInformatics #cccsessions

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22nd December 2021

Release Version: 1.1.002

Virus Alert: System has been infected. The Informatics have to cancel the next meetup on Saturday at Barfly Wesel. #GetVaccinated

23rd November 2021

Release Version: 1.1.001

We will twist your buttons next week, 27.11.2021 in Wesel, Bar Fly! #barflywesel #nerdnroll #rocknroll #punknroll #nerdcore #live #2G

21st November 2021

Release Version: 1.1.000

OUT NOW! Our debut EP "It Hurts When IP" is now available as a stream, download or floppy disk!

Listen on Spotify
Listen on Youtube Music

11th November 2021

Release Version: 1.0.200

We know what you you did yesterday!

10th November 2021

Release Version: 1.0.100

Our first EP Release "It hurts when IP" just passed QA and is in the pipeline to be deployed in 2 days to all platforms. Watch out!

9th November 2021

Release Version: 1.0.000

Hello World! Here it is, our first Video to "It Hurts When IP" from our Debut EP coming out on 11/11/21! Check it out and follow us on other evil social media!

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17th October 2021